Sunday, February 25, 2007

Why wine (whine)?

There is all this talk lately about positive thinking attracting positive outcomes. Although I have not read "The Secret", I know that this type of thinking is more productive. Looking for a part-time job in rural MN at nearly 48 yrs old that does not involve fast food or cleaning motels can make you think negatively. So, feeling frustrated, I decided that it would be easier to be motivated if what I did for money was what I would do for free.
There are many ways to educate yourself and I know that this blog will be another resource to tap into other's knowledge, advice and experience in setting out towards this goal.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Creating a niche

Living in a rural central MN community, it is difficult to find a part-time job that will allow me to do something I enjoy, meet and interact with people and make a little spending money. After a year of looking and interviewing, my husband and I discussed taking a passion of mine and making it a paying proposition.
Currently, I am researching, reading and signing up for online wine courses through Wine Spectator, in the hopes of marketing myself as a freelance wine consultant for local businesses.
We had started a small wine club with some acquaintances, and I found that I enjoyed helping people get interested in wines and food pairings. I hope to find a simple business proposal so I am able to approach these business and make myself a valuable asset that will result in some part-time employment.
I am open to all suggestions on what to read, where to find more online courses (enrolling in a college out of town is not an option at this time), or any links that will further my education.