Monday, August 6, 2007

Summer Vacation

Back in my day, this was the obligatory first essay of the school year given by our elementary English teacher.

My absence from blogging does not involve tales of distant destinations or of being a lazy beach bum. Rather, it is due to a combination of writer’s block mixed with high temperatures and large populations of biting insects. And apathy.

Habits are easier to maintain if you have a discipline gene. I know at a cellular level that I don’t have that particular one. I start out flossing right after my dental cleaning and it never seems to last. Up until last week, I had quit drinking coffee for 3 months but all the ads for iced coffees were too tempting. I had three in one week!

So today is a new day, I flossed last night, did not have any coffee this morning, and although I could use the excuse that my yoga instructor is on her summer vacation, I will do yoga on my own…. later.