Friday, November 9, 2007

Wine Journals

Like diaries, wine journals help you record your impressions, sharpen your observations and enhance your memories. So if you've never considered keeping a wine journal, here are some excellent reasons to get started:

For beginners—
• Helps organize your impressions of different varietals
• Keeps track of your favorites and not-so-favorites
• Adds fun to wine-tasting parties
• Captures your memories of great wines and great friends
• Provides a handy reference for future purchases
For experts—
• Improves your wine-tasting technique
• Sharpens your ability to evaluate wines
• Maintains a record of favorite wine & food pairings
• Records subtle differences of wines purchased by the case to determine how each bottle's aging improves its taste

Your journal can be as simple as a spiral notebook or as artful as a bound journal. Evaluate each wine according to look, swirl, smell and taste. Make your notes as you taste. Remember there are no right or wrong answers. They are your personal impressions and perceptions. Carefully remove the wine label and paste it to your journal page.

Wine journals make excellent gifts—accompanied by a bottle of wine. The next step is yours, so begin the trip now to a grape destination