Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Delightful Diversity

Last Friday, I took part (via the internet) in a blending session for the Vayniac Cabernet Sauvignon. It was exciting to be part of making some "history" in a bottle. Our comments were discussed/taken into account through the live participants. It made me think about all the types of blending taking place in society as well as in wine.

The United States is a perfect example of blending. As someone who loves traveling to experience other cultures, having diversity in our own country delights me. I feel there can no longer be beliefs which divide or cast out any nationalities or creeds.

Then there are blended families. More than half of all Americans live in some sort of non-traditional family due to remarriage. One key for success is not rushing to try to create a harmonious family feeling. Be patient and be creative. Give each child their own personal private space. Hold regular family meetings to discuss issues. Talk to your partner about the best way to handle disciplining each other's kids. Ideally, you'll parent as a team and be firmly in the same camp when it comes to establishing ground rules, setting limits and defining what's appropriate.

Here are are some simple rules when blending wines:

Always have a goal in mind. For instance, will this be a two-bottle experiment that will be done for fun, or are you seeking to create gallons of a new blend that will later be bottled?

Blend wines of similar type. Never blend a bad wine with good wine in an attempt to make "acceptable" wine.

Begin by blending small quantities of wine until you achieve the desired effect. No need to make a lot of something you may not enjoy!

If you intend on keeping your blends for a while, use wines that were made in the same year.

Keep good notes on your blending attempts so you can duplicate the blend in the future.

Today, experience the joy of your favorite form of blending.