Monday, May 12, 2008

Nature Called

Ever since the snow melted, just two weeks ago, it is hard to come inside for long. Migrating birds are back, their calls and songs filling the air. Spring peepers and bullfrogs have come out of hibernation to serenade us. Wildflowers push up through the dry leaf litter toward the sun's light and warmth. Each day is so alive that unless it is dreary or windy, like today, nature calls me to come out and play.

Just a few drops of rain this weekend will speed the evolution of bud to leaf or bloom. It reminds me of the contained energy behind a champagne cork ... hold on ... Mother Nature is ready to explode!

There is a quote from a book I read, long ago, that expresses it well.

"Sometimes I experience God like this Beautiful Nothing. It is seems like the whole point of life is to just rest in it. And then other times, it is just the opposite. God feels like a presence that engorges everything. I come outside, and it seems the divine is running rampant. Nature, the whole of creation, is some dance God is doing, and we are meant to step into it, that's all."

Go outside and dance!