Monday, December 3, 2007

Living Up To Expectations

Ah, what an aroma! An erotic bouquet of white peaches, honeysuckle blossoms and a hint of apple. The crested bottle with the decorative label gave very little clues as to the varietal.

Upon further research, I found the 2005 Ottella from the Lugana appellation in the Veneto, was made with the Trebbiano grape. Also known as Ugni Blanc, it accounts for around a third of all white wine in Italy. Trebbiano is also used to produce balsamic vinegar and is the primary grape used in producing Cognac.

I would have preferred to drink either of those. The flavor profile was non-fruity, acidic and thin. It might pair well with a summer salad or shellfish but neither were in our fridge.

It reminded me again that you can't judge a wine by it's label, a book by it's cover (or Amazon rating) or a person by their looks, job or clothes. Once again, I am thankful that my mother showed me how to treat the people with whom I come in contact each day. She showed me that we are all connected and each of us matters.

Thanks Mom! I hope I live up to your expectations.