Monday, December 24, 2007

Upon On The Rooftop & Down The Driveway

After moving snow from every horizontal surface, treat yourself to a warm beverage.

Here are a few ideas.

Hot Buttered Rum
Mix in a bowl 1 stick butter, 1 cup dark brown sugar, 1 tsp. each nutmeg, cardamom and ground cloves, 1.5 tsp. cinnamon. Mix well and refrigerate. Boil a mug of water and a tablespoon of the butter mix and good rum.

Hot Shot
Cinnamon flavored tea with cinnamon schnapps.

Hot toddy

Place a scant teaspoon sugar or honey in a mug, a generous wedge of lemon, a cinnamon stick and a shot of bourbon. Fill mug with hot water.

Hot Buttered Cow

1 lb Brown sugar
1/4 lb Soft butter
1/2 ts Vanilla
1/2 ts Cinnamon
1/4 ts Nutmeg
1/4 ts Cloves
1/4 ts Mace
1/4 ts Allspice
1 pinch Salt

Optional: for each serving add to mug: 1 1/2 ounces dark rum and 1/2 ounce gold or white rum

Beat sugar and butter together until thoroughly creamed and fluffy. Beat in vanilla and spices. Chill.

For each cup to be served, place 1+1/2 teaspoons batter in a preheated mug (add rum if desired) Stir well. Fill with hot milk and serve.

Just remember that the sweeter the beverage, the more calories you will need to burn shoveling!