Saturday, February 9, 2008

Keeping It Neutral

A neutral country takes no side in a war between other parties, and in return hopes to avoid being attacked by either of them.

Current neutral countries include:

Austria- maintaining external independence and inviolability of borders.

Costa Rica- neutral country since 1949, after abolishing its military.

Finland- military doctrine of competent, "credible" independent defence, not depending on any outside support, and the desire to remain outside international conflicts.

Ireland- neutral country since independence in 1922.


Sweden- Sweden hasn't fought a war since ending its involvement in the Napoleonic Wars in 1814, making it the oldest neutral country in the world.

Switzerland- self-imposed, permanent, and armed, designed to ensure external security. It is the second oldest neutral country in the world and has not fought a foreign war since its neutrality was established by the Congress of Vienna in 1815.

Turkmenistan- declared its permanent neutrality and had it formally recognised by the U.N.

When preparing red and white wine aroma kits, the material (i.e. blueberry, fresh coffee grounds or rose petals) is left to seep in 1/8 cups of dry, neutral wine. The liquid is strained, placed in an amber colored bottle and capped.

At our wine club meeting this weekend, one of the wines used was called Cler' Blanc from Sauvion-Le Cleray-Vallet. Upon doing some research, I found that this white table wine is made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in the Loire Valley in France. There was some wine leftover from our project which tasted a little like rubbing alcohol. Unless you are looking to make your own kits, avoid this wine.