Sunday, June 8, 2008

Opening Day Jitters

Sports stars sometimes experience opening day jitters. Things were kind of "nervy" for us on Saturday, the MN Muskie Opener. What? It's not on your calendar as a national holiday? In this household, it ranks a slight second to the Pheasant Opener in October.

Although we did not get on the water until after lunch, due to other commitments, we were successful in catching a 42" fat female muskie. There was lots of activity in the boat, battling the fish and scrambling for a tape measure, glove, camera and most importantly, a net. There was no champagne on board so a cold beer was used to celebrate.

Luck, and the force, were with us but later that same day, luck took a break. While fishing with only the dog, the plug came out of the boat. Glenn was so focused on getting another fish, he failed to notice the boat filling with water. There was over 12" on the lower deck by the time he tried to start the motor. They barely made it to shore but the binoculars and radio suffered.

Timing is everything. Mark Knopfler wrote:

One day you got the glory
One day you got none
One day you're a diamond
And then you're a stone
Everything can change
In the blink of an eye
So let the good times roll
Before we say goodbye, because

Sometimes you're the windshield
Sometimes you're the bug
Sometimes it all comes together baby
Sometimes you're a fool in love
Sometimes you're the Louisville slugger baby
Sometimes you're the ball
Sometimes it all comes together baby
Sometimes you're going lose it all