Friday, April 6, 2007


What is your passion? Is there a special person, a dream job or a fulfilling hobby that makes you jump out of bed in the morning? The definitions for the word passion range from a powerful emotion to boundless enthusiasm. The latter describes exactly how I feel about wine. Not only is wine a beverage I enjoy drinking, but it is also filled with history, horticulture, travel, cooking and memories with family and friends.

The best thing about having a passion is your desire to share it with others, which is exactly what I plan to do through these blogs. Learning is a life long adventure that has been shown to slow down the aging process. Since I am concerned about both our minds and our bodies, there will be just enough “education” to spark your imagination.

We live in a global, high tech community which means you have access to explore our vast world without ever leaving home. This also applies to learning about and enjoying wine. Just by opening a bottle, you can see, smell and taste the climate of that region, the distinct aromas and flavors of grapes that were used and even get a glimpse of the winemaker’s vision.

Like any consumer, I am always looking for the “best bang for my buck”. I hope to guide you to wines that are not only a good value but may make you pause for a moment to say, “Let’s write this one down!” As we all have to eat, I will also provide examples of which wines pair best with different foods and flavors.

I would love your feedback. Hope to hear from you.