Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Never Put A Price On A Good Time

These were the wise words of Kim Hahn, a co-worker of Glenn's who passed away many years ago at far too young of an age.

This last weekend, we took a trip to South Dakota to pheasant hunt with Glenn's brother and nephew. The weather stayed dry but was very windy, the birds were more plentiful than in Minnesota, but, best of all, the memories will stay with us a long time.

Each time is different because of where we stay, what we eat and drink and what we do with our non-hunting time. As much as we want to re-create a specific hunt, each is unique.

That is also why I have decided not to post a fee schedule for my private wine tastings on the website. After talking with the prospective client and determining their expectations, I will try to do my best to fulfill them and still make a little money.

So, if you think that adding a private wine tasting to your next gathering will be costly, you may be surprised. Let's talk, share ideas and make some memories. The experience of good food and wine are enhanced by sharing with others.