Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Looking Back

At the end of each year, the media reviews the previous year's highlights. We hear the top news stories, the most frequently played songs, the loss of notable newsmakers and even the year's best wine values. One reviewer, Robin Garr, posted his yearly article at the following link:

Although unable to find many of the wines listed in my rural liquor stores, he does link each to

What I appreciate about Robin's approach to wine is his rating criteria. The wine should be balanced, food-friendly, with true varietal characteristics and a degree of complexity. He believes that low price does not excuse a wine that's poorly made, or wine that's boring.

Did you keep track of the wines you enjoyed last year that you felt had a good QPR? (Quality to Price Ratio) Now is the time to start keeping a journal or even removing labels and jotting your tasting notes on the back.