Thursday, January 10, 2008

Shock and Awe

Not Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran or the mean streets of the U.S.A. I am saying make love not war. I am also talking about divine intervention or "an extraordinary event manifested by God intervening in human affairs".

For all of you who are reading this who might be scared of the "G" word, think of it as a higher power, karma, etc..

In Finding Your Path, by John Halderman, he states:

What you try or attempt is the process of finding your path.

You must follow your deep yearnings, desires and curiosities. This is how you discover your path and your purpose.

By ignoring those inner feelings and merely making decisions based on your current condition is to stifle what you could become. If you do that you will just experience more of what you already are.

The inner urges, drives and curiosities you feel is evidence that your self is trying to express through you. In order to discover what you can evolve into you must allow yourself to be open to inner guidance with faith and trust.

Start by following what intuitive messages you now notice, and go from there. You will learn to be more receptive to this as you honor and accept what you are aware of now.

You will likely not have the whole path mapped out. As you go in the direction of the indications you have with openness and faith, you will find that you become more and more receptive to additional detail.

It will be revealed to you as you change and awaken to what is really possible to you. Only by moving forward, taking action can you fully discover your next possible opportunity.

Without forward movement, your whole mental capacity will remain static. You will be stuck requesting and receiving more of the same.

So again you ask, what does this have to do with wine? It is the liquid that will be in my glass that I raise in a toast to my friend as she will to me, to celebrate our new jobs.

Yesterday, I interviewed for two part-time jobs that were incredibly different. At only one of the interviews did I smile both outwardly and inwardly. For just 5 or so hours a week, starting with training next week, I will teach, learn, socialize and exercise with two water aerobics classes. All will be food for my soul.

The other interview was at an office for more hours but less pay per hour. That vibe was just not right for me and I felt it right away. I even went so far as to recommend a friend who has been out of work since before Christmas. I was not sure what her feelings would be but thought it wouldn't hurt to approach her.

She had worked without complaining, for nearly 2 years, at a part-time position. They made a decision that she would need to work full time and take on additional duties without additional pay. When she expressed her desire to remain in her current position, she was dismissed.

Enter divine intervention. The office job sounded worth trying and she starts Monday. So, tomorrow we will raise a glass of wine, to new experiences, friendships and a higher power that lives inside each of us. We just need to be quiet and listen to what it is telling us.