Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Portuguese x 3

Last weekend was the third time we have enjoyed the Duas Quintas 2003 red wine from Portugal. It is bottled by Ramos Pinto from the Douro region. The wine is a blend of Tina Roriz, Touriga Nacional (also known as Mortagua), and Touriga Franca grapes. All these varieties are used in making Port. The two vineyards they source the juice from vary in climate. Quinta de Ervamoira is in a rocky, low altitude area on the banks of the River Coa. The grapes grow to full maturity in this hot and dry vineyard. The second, Quinta dos Bons Ares, is at a higher altitude and has cooler growing conditions. The grapes lose less malic acid under cooler temperatures so the juice would be more acidic.

We had opened the wine a few days before, had vacu-sealed it and stored it in the fridge... don't gasp!... I had read that the wine would last longer there than on the counter. As I was cooking, my glass had a chance to warm and open. That one glass was sipped on for over a hour. It was a complicated recipe. :) The aromas and flavors just kept evolving with every "nose" and sip. My suggestion is to decant this wine and enjoy with a grilled swordfish, a classic food pairing.