Thursday, March 8, 2007

Wine Blog Community

Yesterday I searched for "wine" and really spent some time looking at a few blogs. Some seemed more commercial but I latched onto one that looked and sounded more like myself. After reading many of her posts I decided to send an e-mail. Thanks again Michelle for your response. :)

I have read Kevin Zraly's Windows on the World Wine Course 2007 and the University Wine Course by Marian Baldy, as well as read every free course that google has found. Our local librarian must think I need an intervention as I have read every wine book in the library system. I used to subscribe to all the wine magazines but found that much of that information could be found online for free or I could search for my specific interest rather than reading the editor's choice for that month.
By the way, I blame and thank my older sister for starting this passion. Rita, if you only knew what you have gotten me into you might come and shake me.

YIPPEE! My free online food and wine pairing from the European Wine Academy arrived via e-mail this morning. Their classes run from $400- $600 U.S. and after some digging through their site, I stumbled upon this free course. I have also contacted Ann Noble (great name for a wine educator) at UC Davis in California. I had ordered wine aroma wheels for both still and sparkling wine. Their distance courses run over $600 and seem more tailored for those working in the industry in actual winemaking.

The closest thing to that in rural MN is our own AVA right outside Alexandria, MN. (10-15 miles from my home) The local winery, Carlos Creek, applied and was granted the AVA. Yes, I have tried to work for them but found out that what they were looking for was an every weekend and on call tasting room employee. (a.k.a. "slave") That would be fine if I was single. And if I like their wines. They are mostly fruit juice with a kick, IMHO.

My husband is a local private land surveyor and works long hours during the week but not weekends. If I want to have a marriage, working every weekend would not be the best idea. Hence, whence and spence.... my wine dream.... maybe after taking some courses and working on my business proposal, I can convince a local business that hiring me part-time can improve their bottom line. Good dream, huh?