Saturday, March 10, 2007

First Wine Gig

Well, I did it! The little local upscale market and bistro called the Butler's Pantry, had a beer and wine happy hour posted outside. Fearing that I would miss out on the opportunity to present them with my "dream", I went in to visit with the owner. I had heard that they were planning to open a small wine distribution, but found out in our conversation that our city owns all three of our liquor stores and she is unable to stock wine, only serve it from a wholesaler.
We did explore coming in this summer to run some wine and food pairings for them as she has done one or two already and feels that the prep work is more than she can handle. Her primary interest is in selling her products. The wine is just one flat rate per glass, so it will be interesting to find out what she is serving.We also thought that one of my trial presentations could be made in front our my wine club and they could critique my presentation. (Actually, that was my husband Glenn's idea!)
So, here I go. My goal and deadline are set for two months from now when our weather warms up.
Any advice on how to run a presentation?