Saturday, March 24, 2007

Wireless Wino

"Have laptop and wireless connection, will help the wine challenged!" No, it is not the cry of the next superhero or villain. Yesterday was my birthday and it was full of surprises.

Our central MN weather was sunny and warm and I had a lazy day hunting down new wine finds in my favorite, but far away wine shop. Then it was on to the Barnes and Noble to do some chest presses with the new edition of the Oxford Guide to Wine. It must have weighed at least 10# so I know I worked off those calories from the two chocolate truffles I had with my coffee. :) They had a limited wine reference selection so I soon found myself back home.

After meeting my husband for dinner, we left for dessert with his folks and aunt. There were small gifts to open and just as we were about to leave, Glenn heads to the car and brings in my new Gateway laptop. I nearly fainted!

The reasoning was that if I should take this wine education further, I would need to be mobile. We have talked about the idea of doing wine presentations locally for the adult education program and it will also be handy for traveling.

I think men just love to buy electronics and now he get the fun of shopping for the wireless accessories.

Be on the lookout for the wireless wino in your community! Laptop under one arm, corkscrew securing the purple stained cape and glass in hand.