Monday, March 19, 2007

Wine Aroma Wheel & Aroma Kits

Aromas and memories are linked deep inside all of us. Some of these experiences were and are pleasant while others are unforgettable in quite a different way. Early morning country walks in the spring with your dog can lead to two distinct aromas... skunk and wet (tomato juice lathered) dog smell. I hope I never encounter either of these in any wine!

Some aromas found in wine are more difficult to recognize and name, therefore, aroma kits were marketed to give the consumer a base reference to red or white wine aromas. These kits are quite costly and with the help of the wine aroma wheel from UC Davis, small amber vials and some neutral wine, you can recreate these kits for a fraction of the cost. The aroma wheel comes with some basic aromas and their preparations and sources like Marian Baldy's University Wine Course, have more complex aroma formulas.

This is the new project for our local wine club and I hope that with the aroma kit, the wine aroma wheel and some practice, we all develop a more universal wine "language" in our tastings.